Certificate Verification

The following section includes the valid certificates issued by ECM, which can be verified using the appropriate button below.

ECM offers a simple and free online certificate verification service. Anyone who wishes to verify the validity of an ECM certificate can do so through our online verification service, following the instructions illustrated below.

Nobody is authorized to issue certificates in our name and on our behalf. All authentic certifications issued by ECM are issued by our head office in Italy directly to the applicant. Importers and buyers of products destined for Europe must check the validity of the certificates before purchasing. ECM is committed to improving the quality and safety of products destined for Europe and believes that falsified documents constitute a potential risk of damage and injury to people and put the producer / importer in the risk of supplying non-compliant products.

Instructions for checking certifications and / or documents

  • Click on the box below Check Certificate,
  • In the window that will open, enter the document number in the search bar,
  • Click on the Verify button and check the document.

In the event that the online search does not give results, or if there is no correspondence between the image shown and your document, you must send an email to info@entecerma.it attaching a copy of the document to be checked and your references.

NB: Communications must be sent from a valid email address.