19 Giugno 2017

In the last weeks, our technicians carried out the required tests and evaluations to certify Ciclotte, the styling exercise bike which combines aestheticstechnology and fitness.

Ciclotte is the development of Ciclò, the prototype of an urban unicycle that participated to various international exhibitions and, since 2007, it is part of the Triennial Design Museum’s permanent collection in Milan. Ciclotte was born of the need to bring in daily life an aesthetic which is real expression of the contemporary living, where work and relax coexist in the everyday life. The innovative bike breaks the usual design pattern of fitness equipment, always related to their function, in order to become an exclusive piece of furniture, which can be placed in many different contexts: at home, at the office, at gym, outdoor.

Designed by the young Milanese designer Luca Schieppati, Ciclotte is a full made-in-Italy product, realized using prestigious materials such as carbon fiber, steel and fiberglass. It has been created through a fine hi-tech engineering, which was able to accurately reproduce performances and dynamic of the on-road ride. Ciclotte is addressed to a specific target of users, with a refined taste, fitness and art lovers, in order to play a functional practice and to live an aesthetic experience at the same time.

Thanks to its attractive and original design, Ciclotte received a lot of international awards, as an elegant interior design object and luxury fitness accessory.

Ente Certificazione Macchine confirms itself as a reference point for certification and testing, not just for equipment and machinery, but also for prestigious products, for which it is required a high level of specialization. Given their specificity, these products have a high impact in terms of their image and they must ensure high quality and security standards, which ECM is able to certify.