26 March 2020

WARNING! ECM has been notified that several manufacturers are selling medical face masks, PPE and in some cases other disposable medical clothing – with false certificates.

Please remember that it is strictly forbidden to make improper use of the ECM mark and ECM 1282 notified body number. This activity is pursued by law.

Before purchasing any type of safety equipment supported by a certificate that appears to have been issued by ECM, it is recommended to verify that this certificate is genuine.

On the website http://entecerma.it/certificate.php you can find the numbers of valid certificates issued by ECM. If they are not in the directory, they have not been issued by ECM.
For any doubt or information about the validity of a document, you can contact our offices directly at:

  • Paolo Bernardoni – ECM Sales Manager – paolo@entecerma.it | mob. +39 345 9938661
  • ECM Italy offices – info@entecerma.it | +39 051 6705141

We are notifying the competent authorities of the situation.