Directive 2000/14/CE Noise

Directive 2000/14/EC (so-called Noise Directive) is related to the environmental noise emission of machinery and equipment intended for outdoor use. The Directive, updated by the following 2005/88/EC, which modifies the maximum allowed sound power levels, obliges the manufacturer or his authorized representative established in the European Community – before placing the machinery/equipment on the market or in service – to ensure that they meet the requirements regarding environmental noise emission. All equipment outlined in the Noise Directive requires CE marking to demonstrate compliance with the Directive and to be placed on the markets of EU Member States.

Directive 2000/14/EC covers 57 types of equipment, from brush cutters to hoists, from bandsaws to pressure cleaners, listed in Articles 12 and 13 of the Directive. Machinery and equipment referred to in Article 12 (including motor compressors, excavators, demolition hammers, forklifts, lawnmowers, etc.) must comply with certain noise emission limits and require the mandatory intervention of a notified body, as Ente Certificazione Macchine.

As Notified Body, the ECM conformity verification services in accordance with EU Directive 2000/14/EC include:

  • Analysis of the technical file provided by the manufacturer,
  • Inspection of the machine and measurement of noise emission levels.

For machinery described in Article 13, the drawing up of technical documentation by the manufacturer and the affixing of the noise marking is required. ECM may act as a third party to carry out tests and measurements or provide the necessary expertise.

Attività di Testing

Inside the ECM Test Laboratory, the necessary tests and measurements are carried out to identify the sound power levels emitted by the machine, with the emission of the relative test reports. Our team of specialized technicians works through the most advanced equipment, which guarantees the highest levels of efficiency and precision of the results for a top quality service.