Quality Management Systems

Certifying your company according to the main ISO standards is essential to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and demonstrate the quality of your processes. Having a certified management system means committing to a constant improvement and optimization of the activities and resources involved in the entire company system.

The certification by a third party body, in addition to ensuring compliance with certain internationally recognized standards, reflects the company’s commitment and reliability towards the market and its stakeholders.

Ente Certificazione Macchine is a body accredited by Accredia for the certification of Quality Management Systems according to standard ISO 17021-1, for the ISO 13485 international standard. Therefore, ECM has the necessary skills and professionalism to perform audits and certify the quality of management systems of companies in different fields, including medical device manufacturers.

See the ISO/IEC 17021 Accreditation Certificate.

ISO 13485

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