Testing and verification of lithium batteries


Smaller, lightweight and more efficient than traditional batteries, lithium-ion batteries are widely used in a wide range of sectors. From consumer electronics to electric mobility, from industrial machinery to photovoltaic systems, lithium-ion batteries have found their way into people’s homes and workplaces.

Thanks to their versatility and advantages in terms of energy efficiency, the lithium battery market is booming, with a growing production activity, particularly concentrated in Asia (China, Japan, Korea). This type of battery is a recognised green technology and is used by all those companies wishing to implement more advanced solutions in terms of sustainability, in line with the current international trend that aims to promote the reconversion of production activities towards a circular economy model.

Thanks also to regional, national and European incentives, the lithium battery business offers great opportunities and advantages.


While lithium technology represents a real innovation in the world of energy, the use of lithium batteries involves a number of intrinsic risks that must be minimised. Any problems or malfunctions can lead to accidents, even very serious ones.


Before placing lithium batteries on the market, it is necessary to ensure that they meet the safety requirements of the applicable regulations in order to minimise the risk of accidents. It is therefore necessary to carry out a thorough check and all the necessary steps to ensure that lithium batteries comply with the applicable standards, depending on their intended use and the device in which they will be used.

Ensuring the compliance of lithium batteries involves a verification process consisting of several steps.

Only once this process is complete, the battery can be declared fully compliant and safely placed on the market within the European Community.


Ente Certificazione Macchine can boast solid experience in testing and verification activities on lithium batteries and their application, ranging from photovoltaic to electric mobility, from work equipment to industrial machinery.

  • Testing Laboratory – we carry out all testing activities of various kinds required by the applicable standards depending on the intended use;
  • State-of-the-art equipment – ECM has recently inaugurated a third, completely new laboratory, specially equipped to perform the necessary tests for lithium batteries;
  • Highly qualified technocal staff – our team of specialist technicians is able to assess all safety aspects, based on the specificity of each individual case.

In case of a positive outcome and successful testing, ECM issues a third-party Certificate attesting the full compliance of the battery with the requirements of the reference standards, which can then be placed on the European market.