After the Summer shutdown, ECM is back in action… It’s gonna be a September full of news!

24 August 2020

Following the busy and difficult months just passed, ECM has decided to take a short summer break to allow its staff to have a time out and get back at work with a renewed energy boost. The efforts and commitment to work demonstrated by our team during the lockdown phase, confirm that ECM is composed of extraordinary people, with human and professional skills above the highest standards. Therefore, as every year, our offices have stopped activities for the summer holidays, to restart this week at full speed and with complete safety. The months ahead are expected to be just as challenging as the months just passed. The threat of the virus Covid-19 is not over and it is essential keeping the guard up and continuing to strictly implement all the necessary procedures and measures to ensure the safety of working environments. Providing its workers with appropriate devices, certified and tested according to specific standards that ensure the filtering values, using cleaning and sanitizing products with proven effectiveness, are essential practices to prevent the spread of coronavirus and avoid new outbreaks, with consequences both on people’s health and on the economic performance of the company. ECM is also highly focused on the evolving situation, providing and updating regularly its protocols and measures to ensure safe and efficient performances, both at its headquarters and at the client premises. Our technicians are equipped with all the appropriate devices and adequately trained to perform verifications, audits and testing activities in complete safety. Moreover, Ente Certificazione Macchine is expecting an autumn full of changes. During the last year, we have worked hard to improve and expand our services and now we are ready to present them to the market. Among the news that we will announce in detail in the coming weeks, the most relevant is the inauguration of the new ECM building, which hosts the staff of the Medical Devices Division and new spaces dedicated to the reception of customers and partners. The new facility, located next to the Headquarters in Valsamoggia, includes also an extension of the ECM Testing Laboratory, with new equipment and the latest generation anechoic chamber for EMC tests. But that’s not all, in order to increase a strong client focus, a new website will be soon online, renewed in look and content, designed for an even more user-friendly experience. Keep on following us to know all the news coming soon! For information about our services, please contact our Sales Managers: Paolo Bernardoni – Sales Manager ECM | +39 345 9938661 Antonio Balassone – Medical Devices Sales Manager | +39 393 2471040