Attention: Official Communication on fake website

12 March 2021

We inform everyone concerned that the website is FALSE. We therefore warn not to use this website, as it improperly provides forged information about our Company.

The email address is NOT associated with ECM, so we recommend anyone NOT to use this inbox to request information about our services and our Company.

In particular, we underline that Ente Certificazione Macchine is NOT a Notified Body authorised to issue EC certifications according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425. The documents here and here are COUNTERFEITED and have NOT been issued by our Company. The information and references contained at the bottom of the document are false and not related in any way to our Company. There is NO authorised ECM office in Spain.

The falsification and misuse of forged documents is an activity that is punishable by law. We are proceeding with the appropriate reports to the competent authorities.

You can find all the correct information about our activities and check the valid documents issued by ECM on our unique official website at the page

You can also consult the list of invalid and/or forged documents and improper use of our notification number 1282 at the link

We invite anyone who needs clarification or information to contact us through our official channels at and at (+39) 051 6705141.