Container inspections from China, the ECM solution!

6 July 2021

ECM provides an independent third party pre-shipment inspection service to check the status of containers and goods destined for international markets.

Italian and European companies importing products from China must carry out the appropriate checks and controls on the goods purchased to avoid incurring in counterfeit, damaged or non-compliant goods.

It is essential that this control activity is carried out before shipment (pre-shipment), both to avoid problems with the customs authorities and to verify the condition of the goods purchased.


The Covid-19 pandemic and the need to maintain high levels of national health security has increased the complexity and stringency of global trade.

China has closed its borders to anyone without a residence permit, making it difficult for importing companies to send onsite staff to check goods being shipped (either at the manufacturer or at the shipper’s premises).

Inspections of outgoing containers can therefore only be carried out by personnel resident in China.


Ente Certificazione Macchine, through its commercial office ECM Shanghai, has local personnel able to carry out the correct pre-shipping inspection activities.

Our technicians perform the necessary inspections of the containers before shipment from China, in order to verify that the goods comply with the requirements set by the importer.

The inspection, which can take place either at the manufacturer’s premises or at the shipping logistics centres, is carried out according to the instructions and checklist provided by the customer. At the end of the activity, ECM issues a complete report on the status of the goods, which will be delivered to the applicant company.

ECM offers importers and distributors a professional and indipendent third party inspection service.  Through an extensive network of onsite auditors, ECM is able to support importing companies for various inspection needs.

Do you want to import from Chine and wish to check the goods before shipment? Contact us!

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