Forged Documents and Improper Use of ECM Notified Body no.1282

ECM is aware of the existence of forged ECM certificates, test reports and other types of documents relating to some European Directives and international standards. These certificates/documents have been issued by fraudulent companies who claim to be acting on behalf of ECM.

ECM is currently investigating a number of cases of such forged certificates/documents and will take action against any companies found to be issuing certificates/documents without authorization.

Please find here below the list of the discovered invalid/forged Certificates/Documents.

This list is not complete nor exhaustive. In order to protect the market and to keep updated the present list, anyone having information, suspicions of forged certificates or documents, please notify us at


ECM is aware that there are products on the market that improperly display the CE number 1282. The documents issued by ECM for these products are NOT a CE product certificate and cannot in any way replace the manufacturer’s or importer’s CE certification, who are solely responsible for CE certification. Companies using ECM Notified Body number 1282 in this way are making improper use of it, an action that is punishable by law, and we will promptly report it to the competent authorities.

Below is the list of products that improperly display the ECM Notified Body number 1282, of which we have become aware.

This list is neither complete nor exhaustive and is continuously updated. We invite anyone who becomes aware of such activity to inform our offices via the following email addresses:

List of improper usesDownload