Electric mountain bikes: compliance and reference standards

15 March 2023

E-bikes and e-mountain bikes with pedal assistance must comply with applicable reference standards in order to ensure the safety of the vehicles placed on the European market.

The boom in the electrically power assisted cycles market in recent years continues, offering great opportunities for development and innovation to the industry in this sector. Alongside traditional e-bikes, electric mountain bikes (so-called e-MTBs) are also becoming increasingly popular.

In the light of the wide spread and production of these electric bikes, it is crucial to pay attention to the safety requirements they must meet before they are placed on the market. These requirements are set by the applicable directives (e.g. Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU) and product-specific standards.


The standard regulating the compliance of electrically power assisted mountain bikes is EN 17404:2022, in force since May 2022. The standard almost fully incorporates the EN 15194 standard for electric pedal-assisted bicycles (EPAC), which sets out safety requirements and test methods, as well as guidelines for instructions on the use and maintenance of the vehicles.

However, standard EN 17404:2022 establishes specific requirements applicable only to EPAC mountain bikes, which are more susceptible to stress than conventional e-bikes. For the purpose of conformity verification under EN 17404:2022 therefore, it is necessary to supplement EN 15194 with a different set of tests with more stringent criteria, particularly regarding the mechanical/structural part.

In addition, it should be considered also the verification of the compliance of the lithium batteries that power the vehicles, given the inherent risks associated with this type of technology.


Ente Certificazione Macchine is expert in testing and conformity verification activities on electrically power assisted bicycles (EPAC) according to the European standard EN 15194 and on electrically power assisted mountain bikes according to the standard EN 17404.

ECM can also boast consolidated experience and competence in carrying out the tests and activities required to verify the safety and proper application of lithium batteries on the devices on which they are intended to operate.

In light of this solid background, ECM is the ideal partner for Italian and international companies to ensure that the vehicles being placed on the European market are safe and compliant.

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