Exploring the Asia-Pacific region: the ECM partnerships

26 March 2024

In recent days, ECM has visited China and South Korea to promote cooperation between Asia and Europe in certification and testing.

We are pleased to announce the return of our CEO, Luca Bedonni, from an extremely successful business trip to the Asia-Pacific region. Accompanied by our long-standing partners ECM Shanghai and ECM Korea, we had the honor of meeting some of the major testing laboratories in the Asia-Pacific region in the fields of certification and testing.

During our visit to China with our partner ECM Shanghai, we had the opportunity to meet several prominent laboratories in the certification sector.

During our meeting with the Shanghai Fire Fighting Equipment Quality Inspection and Testing Center, we explored potential collaboration for the certification of various product types.

The second institution we encountered is a true powerhouse in the electricity sector in China: SEARI Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute (Group) Co. Ltd. Established in 1953, SEARI is known for being one of the first Chinese laboratories and a technical management center for various industries, including low-voltage electrical appliances, small and medium-sized electrical machines, and marine electrical equipment. Additionally, SEARI is responsible for the secretariat of numerous technical committees of the Chinese National Committee of the IEC, the Chinese National Standardization Technical Committee, the Chinese Electrical Society, the Low-voltage Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, and the Chinese Building Engineering Standardization Technical Committee. Their president, Jiang Zemin, later became president of China, emphasising the importance and influence of SEARI at national and international level.

“Our collaboration with SEARI, also in terms of CBTL, promises to open new perspectives and opportunities in the field of certification,” explains ECM CEO Luca Bedonni. “By sharing values of excellence, innovation, and commitment to product safety and quality, we are confident that this partnership will lead to significant and mutual benefits.”

Finally, we cannot overlook the importance of our third partner, GTS – Global Testing Services Co., our most important ally, which continues to play a crucial role in our journey towards success in certification and testing.

We then moved to South Korea where, together with ECM Korea, we were warmly welcomed by our valuable partner KTC (Korea Testing Certification Institute). Last September, at our headquarters in Valsamoggia, ECM and KTC signed an important memorandum of understanding to formalize the collaboration between the two organisations in the field of certification for medical devices. Now it was ECM’s turn to visit KTC to consolidate this historic partnership! [Look what the Korean press is saying about this meeting!]

During this visit, we worked closely with KTC to deepen our collaboration and strengthen mutual ties. Our CEO Luca Bedonni and KTC President Ahn Seong-il discussed operational aspects of the collaboration project, and a seminar on MDR certification was held for companies interested in exporting to Europe, sharing and gaining the latest regulatory insights.

“This visit represented a fundamental opportunity to consolidate our partnership with KTC and to advance together towards achieving our common goals in the field of medical device certification. We are confident that this collaboration will continue to bring significant benefits for both parties and for the international medical industry as a whole,” concludes Bedonni.

Our visit to China and South Korea has been a crucial moment in consolidating our strategic partnerships in the certification and testing field, laying the groundwork for an increasingly international business.

We are certain that the relationships built during this trip will enable us to reach new milestones. We will continue to work diligently to further our mission of offering consistently reliable and high-quality certification services. Looking ahead, we are committed to maintaining and strengthening these relationships, grateful for the support and collaboration of our partners, with whom we look forward to sharing further successes together.

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