New standard UNI EN 15194:2023 for EPAC bicycles in force

24 June 2024

The new version of the EN 15194 standard for electric pedal assisted cycle (EPAC) is now in force.

The EN 15194:2023 standard represents an important step forward in the regulation of electric pedal assisted cycles (EPAC). Effective from September 2023, this standard replaces the previous version EN 15194:2018 and introduces updated requirements to ensure the safety and quality of EPAC bicycles for both private and commercial use.

The EN 15194:2023 standard applies to EPAC bicycles intended for private and commercial use, excluding EPACs intended for hire from unattended station. The standard also covers all significant common hazards, hazardous situations and events associated with the use of pedal-assisted electric bicycles, when used as intended and under condition of misuse that are reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer.

An important new feature introduced concerns the requirements for lithium batteries fitted on EPAC bicycles. In the previous version of the UNI EN 15194:2017 standard, batteries for e-bikes could comply with either EN 62133-2 or EN 50604-1. Instead, the new version of the UNI EN 15194:2023 standard specifies that lithium batteries must comply with EN 50604-1.

Compared to EN 62133-2, EN 50604-1 is much more detailed and includes a comprehensive set of tests specific to lithium batteries for electric pedal assisted bicycles. These tests simulate real conditions of use and include, as well as the tests required by standard 38.3 for transporting batteries, additional tests including crushing, immersion in water, exposure to sunlight and fire, and checking for thermal losses.

The new requirements will become mandatory from 23 August 2025, but it is essential to start preparing now to ensure compliance and a smooth transition to the updated standards.

With a highly qualified technical staff and state-of-the-art equipment, including a latest-generation semi-anechoic chamber for electromagnetic compatibility testing, Ente Certificazione Macchine offers a wide range of services for e-bike manufacturers wishing to verify the compliance of their vehicles with the EN 15194 standard. Our services include:

  • Documentation Review Activities: Risk Analysis, Use and Maintenance Manual, Technical File;
  • Testing Activities: Single Component Testing, Full-Assembly Testing, Macro-Family Testing;
  • Issuing of the Declaration of Conformity as a third party, certifying that the product meets all regulatory requirements.

Over the years, we have acquired extensive experience in the certification and testing of pedelecs and lithium-ion batteries for various applications. Contact us for more information at:

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