Official communication on forged certificate containing fake information

28 September 2020

We have been informed about the circulation of the fake document available at this link.

The above document is a fake, it has NOT been issued by our Company.

The information and references in the footer of the documents are fake, we do NOT have any authorized office in Spain. Therefore, the reference provided is false and has no connection with our Company.

In addition, we remind that the website is FALSE. We recommend not to use this website, as it improperly provides forged information about our Company.

The valid certificates issued by ECM can be verified by connecting to our official website at

On this page you can view the updated list of forged documents of which we are aware.

The falsification and misuse of forged documents is an activity forbidden by law and we have already informed the competent authorities.

We kindly ask anyone to contact us for any doubts regarding the documents referable to our Company.

For reports: