The international focus on lithium battery safety is increasing

6 September 2021

Following frequent accidents involving lithium technologies, more and more companies are becoming interested in the regulatory aspects of lithium battery safety.

Last week, ECM Shanghai should have taken part in CNIBF 2021, the Shanghai International Lithium Battery Industry Exhibition. Due to the outbreak of new cases of coronavirus in China, the event has been postponed.

As an exhibitor, ECM attracted a lot of interest from the industry. Despite the suspension of the show, many companies contacted us to better understand how to deal with safety verifications on lithium batteries.


The cells used to assembly the lithium battery are mostly supplied from China. In fact, China remains one of the largest producers and exporters of lithium batteries. Companies from all over the world purchase batteries every day to be installed in a wide variety of devices. To ensure the safety of users, manufacturers/importers/traders want to make sure that these have been properly tested and certified. The aim is to avoid non-compliant batteries coming on to the market and putting into service.

Therefore it is their responsibility to carry out the specific tests necessary to certify batteries according to their intended use.


On the basis of our experience, we can report that tests are often only partially performed. Frequently, only the tests relating to the transport of the battery are carried out, which is not sufficient to declare full compliance.

Conformity assessment of lithium batteries involves a thorough check of the battery depending on the device on which it will be installed, based on current regulations. A complex process of tests and laboratory trials is carried out to ensure that the safety requirements of the applicable regulations are met, both during transport and while in use.

ECM Divisione Lithium Battery carries out testing and verification of lithium batteries and their application. Our expertise covers a wide range of sectors: e-bikes and electric scooters, photovoltaics, forklift trucks, industrial machinery, automotive, etc.

For more information and document verification, to ensure that your batteries are compliant, please contact our Sales Manager Paolo Bernardoni at | tel. (+39) 345 9938661.