The MDR transitional deadline is approching: send now your certification application

16 February 2024

The extended MDR transition deadline of 26 May 2024 is fast approaching, so it is time to apply for certification with a Notified Body.

With the extended MDR transition deadline rapidly closing in, now it is the time to take decisive action. At ECM, we’re welcome to handle new MDR certification applications, to start the journey towards conformity assessment of your medical devices destined for the EU market.

To extend the validity period of certificates issued under the Directives (until 31 December 2027 or 31 December 2028), manufacturers must submit a formal MDR certification application to a Notified Body by 26 May 2024.

So do not wait until the last minute to address MDR compliance. Approaching the deadline of 26 May 2024, Notified Bodies are nearing their full capacity for accommodating new clients. Consequently, manufacturers are urged to promptly submit certification applications to expedite processing.

Act now with ECM – Notified Body 1282 to ensure your medical devices in the EU market. Thanks to our advanced expertise and in-depth industry knowledge, we are ready to carry out conformity assessment activities in order to introduce to the market only devices that are fully compliant with current regulations.

With ECM by your side, you can rely on a solid and trustworthy partnership to lead you through every phase of the MDR certification process.

Contact us today to learn more about how to start your certification journey!

Reach us at: Diego Stevanella – Sales Manager ECM