30 March 2020

As previously reported, we are receiving several notifications about documents attributable to our Company (in particular “documentation review” and “certificate of compliance”).
In this regard, we would like to inform that:

  • many of these documents are FAKE;
  • in other cases, companies are making an IMPROPER and/or SCORRECT USE of valid documents issued by ECM.

We would like to remind that, in case of valid documents, such documents are NOT an EC product Certificate. They CANNOT in any way replace the EC certification of the manufacturer or importer, who are the only holders responsible of the EC certification.

We therefore recommend companies acquiring documents attributable to ECM, to consult our website and read our Regulation for such documents http://entecerma.it/assets/uploads/documentation/file/5e82184f6face.pdf.
You can also verify the genuinity of a document or check the list of false and/or invalid documents of which we are aware, on our website at http://entecerma.it/certificate.php

If you have any further doubts, please contact us directly by sending an email to paolo@entecerma.it or calling +39 345 9938661.

We remind you that the improper use of such documents is PURSUED in accordance with the law.