Mission & Values

Our Mission

For over twenty years, ECM’s mission has been to ensure that manufacturers place on the market products, machinery, and equipment that comply with the regulations, through an efficient range of testing and certification services.

Paying particular attention to changes in the market and regulatory environment, ECM promotes innovation and development, supporting companies that strive towards continuous improvement of performance of their processes, in terms of safety, quality, efficiency and sustainability.

The accreditation attributes, a high degree of reliability to the activities carried out by ECM in its role as Certification Body and Test Laboratory, in terms of quality and safety, to protect the market and consumers.

To find out the benefits of accreditation, visit the Accredia website here and the PJLA website here.

Our Values

ECM’s vision is guided by the passion to make the world a safer place, where relationships of trust are developed between market players and where innovation and responsibility can thrive.

Our values ​​are:

Competence and Professionalism
We develop multidisciplinary teams to ensure maximum performance for our customers, in order to encourage the constant improvement of our services and activities, with particular attention to the customer and market needs.

Ethics and Integrity
We carry out our activities according to the principles of ethics, transparency, integrity and impartiality, which are a guarantee of the reliability and competence of our work.

Innovation and Development
Through constant updating on new market trends, we promote services that support innovation and technological progress of the production system.

Social responsibility
We operate according to shared ethical principles by encouraging, through our business, models of transparent and responsible behavior towards the market and civil society.

Personal and professional enhancement
We believe in collaborative relationships that generate mutual trust, supporting the growth and improvement of our staff and customers.